10 June 2008

Views Of Hillary And Barack -- A Comprehensive Analysis by Dr. Robert Van de Castle

This document represents Dr. Van de Castle's analysis of the 333 dreams of Hillary and Barack posted on the site.

It is a 52-page document, a comprehensive look at the dream images associated with the two candidates, sorted by the gender of the dreamer. I have posted it below.

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15 May 2008

compiled and edited by Tamar Frankiel, a participant in author Connie Kaplan's Dream Circle

Going on a plane to a small town in Montana feels like going to a higher plane of existence. In many cultures the mountain is the home of wisdom, of higher thought. It's encouraging that that's where the majority of the people on the plane want to go. And even more encouraging is that after the politician is dropped off, that's where they do indeed go, but without the politician. The politician started out in that direction, but didn't maintain it.

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by Amanda Stern, Author And Curator of Happy Ending Music And Reading Series

Hillary’s feelings are taken into account in many of these dreams. Those who are Pro-Obama take pains to cover it up in order to cushion the blow for Hillary. They don’t want to hurt her feelings, or they do things for her so they feel better about their own choices. In other words, when it comes to Hillary, there are issues of codependence that I didn’t find in dreams about Obama.

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23 April 2008

by Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., author, most recently, of American Dreamers

Aggressive interactions, both physical and verbal, appear in 53 of the Hillary dreams and 39 of the Barack dreams. Sixteen of the Hillary dreams and nine of the Barack dreams include some kind of physical aggression; Barack is the mostly the victim of physical aggression, while Hillary is equally its victim and instigator. These frequencies suggest the perception of vulnerability and/or lack of aggressiveness in Barack and a confirmation of Hillary’s campaign claims to be a fighter, though not always in ways the dreamer appreciates.

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by Bernard Welt, art critic and member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

Many dreams have a feature that seems both puzzling and artistically just perfect. Here it’s the mixing of food store and clothing store. If it were my dream, I’d see this a confusion of the inner and outer aspects of personality—what really nourishes and constitutes the dreamer, and what is merely outward show.

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by Colleen Asper, an artist who for six months painted herself as the President

It makes sense that it would be more fun to play dress-up with a female politician, but something else is going on with the wardrobe choices the candidates are making in our sleep. Hillary is the candidate that we know best; we have seen her through the good and the bad. Like an old friend, she appears in her pajamas in one dream. Barack has the advantage of being an abstraction; it is easy to always seem composed when you haven't lived with the whole country as a roommate for eight years.

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by Raymond Hillis, professor emeritus of counseling at California State University Los Angeles

On a symbolic level, the image of a black man as President carries not only a sense of reflecting possible healing taking place on this historical cultural level, but in a more personal way it represents an image of the way in which the side of oneself that has been put down, blocked and excluded from equal participation in one’s life is finally redeemed, brought back into consciousness and placed in a position of leadership.

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